Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fwd: well come to hell

well come to hell

After my death I went to hell. I was taken around for me to select one.
First the Russian. There was a bed with 1000 sharp nails fixed on, I have to sleep on it for 3o mins.
                         Then there was an electric chair,  I will have to sit on it for 30 Min's,
                         Then there was a very tough looking tall well built guy. He had a whip with lead hooks at the end. He will whip me 100 times. These are the daily routine.
I said no and I was taken to the Chinese.
                         Here also the similar method. as because of the sever punishments the area was deserted.
Then I was taken to the srilankan hell. There was a very very long Que which led about a mile or so.
                        Here also the smiler method. Then I asked why the Russian and Chinese empty and srilankan has a long Que.
                        The answer was
                        The bed has no nails, some one has removed and sold them to the scrap metal dealer,
                        Due to power failure in Srilanka most of the time power cuts occur,
                        The devil who whips is a government servant so, sometimes he comes signs the book and goes away or he signs once a month for the whole month.
Which would you prefer.

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