Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fwd: India promoting maximum terrorists. Few stats are here.

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From: Fareeza Nasir <>

There are most terrorist in India. According to Indian's stats there
are most terrorist in India. This mean India is big terrorist country.
Here are few stats.

1. ULF - This is Asam's terrorist group. Based on pure Hindus. Their
aim is only terror and kill the Muslims.
2. Moasit - There are 600 districts in India. Moaist has control in
150 district out of 600. It is based on non-Muslims terrorists in it.
3. Christanity - They kill Muslim and Hindus both.

ULF did 749 attacks in just 2 years. It is the maximum attacks by any
terrorist group ever. I am trying to collecting more stats about
Indian's terrorist group. It looks that India is promoting terrorists
in Pakistan too. We must be aware of this. Where is Indian governemnt.
Are they unable to stop these terrorist groups.

Fareeza Nasir <>

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