Friday, July 23, 2010

*** Mobitel Brand Ambassador Muthiah Muralitharan ***

As the curtain comes down on a truly memorable theatrical which has held the undivided attention of the cricketing world for almost two decades,  that spinning genius took  his final bow from Test arena yesterday at Galle stadium  before a world audience that will rise as one,  to repeated encores . In a career studded with intrigue, challenges, and phenomenal achievements, Muthiah Muralitharan, left  with  a world record by taking 800 wickets and life's most precious assets, Humility and Integrity, securely intact.

In the ensuing years Murali did more than that as he set out to put the nation's cricket squarely on the world map, along with his team mates, the warriors who brought home the prestigious world cup in 1996.

The encores will reverberate long after the curtain has descended as the cricketing world continues  to recall the life and achievements of a  cricketing icon  and a remarkable human being who never lost the common touch nor the precious values of his upbringing.

A fresh challenge now awaits for you Murali in the rebuilding  of our  beautiful nation , and the reconciliation of its wonderful people...


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