Sunday, September 19, 2010

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IJTS - Institute of Java Technological Studies

Dear All,

Please be aware of another bogus degree shop that operates in Sri Lanka. They are mainly targeting students who have recently completed A/Ls. They are offering discount degrees compared to any other private university in Sri Lanka. What's more is, they are capable of offering BSC in Java...!! :) lol

This so called University (
not even registered under the Sri Lanka University Grants Commission) is run by this guy named Dr. Ishantha Siribaddana aka 'Thum mulle Sakvithi' (another Dr. just like our Mervin Silva).

It is questionable as to how this institute can give out degrees without even being a registered university.

Their first stage in their so called 'degree' is PCJT - Professional Certificate in Java Technology, which they charge Rs36,000.00 teaching basics in Java & how to develop an interface with some buttons functioning as add, delete, select, update. It is said to run for 6 months (& they cant even complete this in 6 months!!!)

I am an IT graduate & have studied Java (in a recognized IT institute in SL ) along with 3 other subjects, that took me 6 months too and I learned more than what these guys are teaching these poor kids. Although I am not a victim of this bogus degree shop, I got to know someone who is studying in this IJTS trap.

The degree fee in IJTS Rs. 180,000 & they are just teaching java and no any other software engineering concepts.

This doucehbag got hold of some MPs and even Basil Rajapaksha to support him in his projects.

Here are some of the comments from the students who studied in IJTS and who are now questioning the qualification they have obtained...

PLEASE MAKE EVERYONE AWARE OF THIS DEGREE MAFIA...( Its a SHAME that even government does not investigate such con artists)

Thank You.









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