Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blameful resign letter

Dear Manager,

Please accept this letter as my notice of resignation from t****s, effective on DD/MM/YYYY. I hope that this sudden notice is sufficient for you to find a replacement for me. If I can help you on work transition, please let me know.

I feel required to write this letter because I am shocked by the working values in the company. I have never known such sensitive disregard for support staff at any other company I have ever worked for.  I doubt this letter will be of much concern to you, but it will certainly help me feel better.

I tried to forget what ever happen and work fine for the company.  But it was not easy as expected since people (including CEO and management) start to act like I am in the wrong for whatever happens. I finally decided to quit when, I felt ****'s management have no personality traits and there will be no good environment me to work.

I’m not afraid of hard work, but I’ve never encountered anything like this and it is highly important my self-importance and egotism.

I am sorry if this causes any inconvenience. I appreciate the opportunity you have provided me. I learned a lot, and thoroughly learned a lot from the experience.


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