Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mervin Silva's Jaguar

Deputy Highways Minister Mervyn Silva has returned to the limelight and this time by getting himself a brand new Jaguar XJ luxury petrol car. The burdens of a rising cost of living, persons affected by floods and a war seem to be of no concern to certain members of the government.

The real value of the Jaguar is Rs. 18,418,969.00 (Rs. 18.4 million) inclusive of taxes amounting to Rs. 10,678,427.00 (Rs. 10.6 million).
However, the Deputy Minister’s vehicle in this instance has cost only Rs. 11,284,208.00 (Rs. 11.2 million) since it is free of several import duties. The taxes applied to Silva’s Jaguar amounts only to Rs. 3,543,208.00 (Rs. 3.5 million).

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