Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shanika Madumali and her boy friend


 Sirasa Super Star Season 03 ...

Very little is known about Shanika Madumali, Sirasa Super Star season 3 finalist and winner. Recently we found some information about her love. But it is not a good news. The guy she was dating when she was in the Sirasa Super Star contest has helped her immensely; but it is said that they are not dating any more.

Shanika Madumali  came from a poor family and her father is also not alive. Her mother has been working in middle east and she grew up with under her grandmother.

During the Sirasa Super Star last lapses she got a bad laryngeal infection and lost her voice completely. Each Sri lankan fan of her was upset and they all wished her rapid recovery. Ultimately she was OK for the contest and she managed to lift the Sirasa Super Star Award in 2010.


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