Friday, February 11, 2011

Madhu Madhawa Aravinda's wedding Photos

His brides name is Renusha. Renusha is not in the same field but she is a teacher.

Renusha has met Madu at Bellanwila temple as gossips said.

The best friend of groom will be Madu's brother Dananjaya Siriwardana and fathers from both sides are to sign as evidences.

Pics by - Indika Mallawarachchi

 Madumadawa Aravinda married with Renusha on 14th of February (Valentine Day).  They have met on Bellanwila Temple and this wedding has been arrange as a love marriage. The bride is a pretty girl and we wish the couple a happy wedded life!

wedding was on 14th Febuary!

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