Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Do you know him?


A Sri Lankan by the name of Anton Karunaratne has lost his memory. The university hospital in San Antonio, Texas issued a bulletin requesting Sri Lankans who are aware of the identity of Anton to contact them. He is not able to identify himself.


Social workers at University Hospital need your help in finding friends and family of 55-year-old Anton. Social workers are hoping someone will come forward to help him return home.

Mr. Karunaratne was admitted at University Hospital on November 15 after being found by police in the downtown area. He is now ready to be discharged but doesn't have any recollection of his current home address or the names of the relatives or friends he had probably been living with.
Without a safe place to go, University Hospital cannot release him, so hospital officials are asking the community to help find his family. Mr. Karanaratne says he is a native of Sri Lanka but is not able to remember any family history.
If you recognise Mr.Karunaratne or know his family, please contact the University Hospital at 210- 358-0450 or Leni Kirkman / Julie Wiley at 210-358-2335, 210-203-3300 (Pager) or please contact Sri Lankan Embassy at 202 352 0355






Chinthaka Kohomban

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