Monday, June 13, 2011

Fwd: Mobitel New postpaid packages



Mobitel is happy to introduce the new postpaid packages mentioned below. The packages are available for connections from today onwards.



Cheer 190

Cheer 390

MPower 790

Monthly rental (Rs.)




Free Bundle (monthly)

Rs.150 worth of free local calls, SMS, MMS

200MB data

Rs.300 worth of free local calls, SMS, MMS

400MB data

Rs.600 worth of free local calls, SMS, MMS

800MB data





Free VAS services included

Facebook SMS/MMS

Facebook SMS/MMS mTunes

1 News service


Facebook SMS/MMS mTunes

1 News service

Ada paththare or mAstro Daily SMS






Connection fee (Rs.)




Minimum Refundable deposit (Rs.)





-          M2M per min

-          M2M per SMS

-          M2M per MMS

-          M2O per min

-          M2O per SMS

-          M2O per MMS

-          EDGE/HSPA



10 cents



25 cents


1 cent per 10kB



10 cents



25 cents


1 cent per 10kB



10 cents



25 cents


1 cent per 10kB


Please refer the attached FAQ for further details.


1.      What is special about these packages?

The special feature about these packages is that there is a credit posted to the account, depending on the package you are in. The said credit can be utilized against Local Voice calls, SMS & MMS to Mobitel and non Mobitel numbers.


This excludes International Services, E services , VAS and GPRS.

The credit will be pro-rates for partial months, if unutilized it will not be carried forward to the next bill.


2.      What are the credits under each package?

§  Cheer 190 package          -              Rs.150/-

§  Cheer 390 package          -              Rs.300/-

§  MPower 790 package     -              Rs.600/-


3.      Will the credits also be prorated?

Yes the credits will also be prorated for partial months.


4.      What are the services the customer would receive free of charge?

Cheer 190 - Facebook

Cheer390 -Mtunes, Facebook and one News alert service

MPower790- Mtunes, Facebook, one News alert service, M Fax and Ada paththare or mAstro Daily SMS


These features will need to be activated manually.


5.      Are there any charges involved in the free VAS services bundled with the Cheer packages?

The charging will be:

§  Facebook –All SMSs and MMSs sent to Facebook will be totally free of charge


§  Mtunes – The monthly rental of Rs.50/- will be Free of Charge. Rs.30/- per song will apply per download and other features.


§  News Service - 1 News alert service per month will be free of charge. In the event there are multiple news alert services subscribed to, the service activated first will be free, while the others will be charged at the usual rates.


§  Ada paththare or mAstro –One of these services are offered free with the MPower790 package. If the customer activates both services an amount of Rs.30/- will be charged for the extra service.


§  Mfax – the charging will be;

Reg. fee                               - Free

Monthly subscription     - Free

Receiving faxes                 - Free

Forwarding to email        - Free

Sending a Fax (Local)      - Rs.5 per min

Sending a Fax (IDD)         - Rs.30 per min

Dialing *74                          - Rs.2 per min


6.       What is the charge for a detailed billing on Cheer packages & Mpower package?

·         Outgoing detailed bill                     – Rs.100/-

·         Incoming detailed bill                     – Rs.150/-

·         Both incoming & outgoing bills   – Rs.250/-



7.       Can I connect a Cheer package under my existing Post Paid account?

Yes it is possible.


8.       Can I change my exiting package to a Cheer package?

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