Monday, June 27, 2011

Fwd: Namal's latest sport -buying not playing cricket

e-News -10.June.2011, 11.45PM) Though Namal Rajapakse recently told the media that he will not officiate in the cricketing arena, according to news reaching Lanka e news , he has entered the same arena with a long term plan.

As a first step in this direction he has begun buying cricket Teams for money. Already he has purchased the Chilaw Marians sports society , a frontline sports society in Chilaw for Rs. 15 million. Consequently , the Chilaw Marians sports society's name is to be changed to Carlton sports society.

The most obnoxious part of his involvement in the cricket arena was demonstrated when it was decided that all sponsored cricket matches of the Marians sports society shall be played in the future in Hambantota. In other words , if any team is to play a match with Marians sports society , they must spend their money and all the time , and travel to Hambantota.

Namal's next ambition based on his plan is to buy another cricket society for money . He is already negotiating with this in view. Namal has enlisted Nishantha Ranatunge , the secretary of the Board of control for cricket and Ports Chairman Priyath Bandu Wickrema for this purpose. Based on reports reaching Lanka e news , Namal has planned to siphon off the Ports funds through Ports Chairman towards purchase of cricket societies.


Meanwhile Rajapakses are moving insidiously to take under their control the telecasting rights in the future of SL cricket tournaments. The owner of 'Carlton sports news 'telecast in association with the ITN is Yoshitha Rajapakse. SL cricket telecasting rights are to be taken over by 'Carlton sports news'. Already they have violated the sports enactment's, for , it is illegal for anyone to be a member of the Board of control for cricket while also holding a Director post in a media Institution : Nishantha Ranatunge while being the Secretary of the Board of control for cricket is at the same time functioning as Executive Director of 'Carlton sports news' .

Namal Rajapakse has been a skilled Rugby player during his School days.


Treasury gives Rs. 235 m to Sri Lanka Cricket

Friday, 10 June 2011 20:18

The Treasury has granted a Rs. 235 million loan to Sri Lanka Cricket.

According to SLC sources, the national cricket governing body was in a deep financial crisis, unable even to pay the salaries of its staff this month.
Its bank accounts had held a mere Rs. 2.1 million, although the payment of salaries alone needed Rs. 22.1 m per month, the sources added

However, SLC media manager Brian Thomas, rejected reports of a loan being obtained, and said loans would be obtained only after carefully studying the conditions and accepted only if they are agreeable to the institution.

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