Thursday, August 30, 2012


We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest VAS service “STARFRIENDS”! With this new service, customers can get to know the hottest news of their Favourite Star right from their mobile phone with a simple SMS.

To register type the relevant Name of the Star and SMS to 2468. For more details log on to
Charges:- Rs. 1 + taxes per day per star.

Communication will be carried out on selected media. The following SMS is scheduled to be sent to the customer base today

English SMS:-                   Get to know what Roshan Ranawana is doing these days! Join Star Friends & be his close friend! Type Roshan & SMS to 2468. Rs. 1+ Taxes per Day, Per Star.
Sinhala SMS:-                   Oba kamathima tharuwa Roshan Ranawana da? Ohuge thorathuru ohugenma Danaganna! Star Friends samaga eka wanna.Type Roshan & SMS to 2468. Rs.1+Taxes per Day/Star.

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