Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fwd: FW: FW: New Rich - Pimp to President Mahind Rajapaksa

Here is Sachin Vass Gona's qualifications and experiences and wealth.

1.A high school drop out,having failed O/L Exam.

2) Served three years at Magazine prison on account of a fraud case.

3)A petty Clerk at Trico in Dubai.This was given as an act of charity on an appeal made by his father,another cheat.

4)His Volvo car was seized in 1995as the beggar could not pay the monthly sum of just Rs. 1859/= .

5) Cheated a sum of Rs. 2 million from his own ex father in law Carlyle de Silva ex DIG police.

6)Made billions of rupees in commission in the process of setting up Mihin Lanka,which never made a profit.


That was pauper Sachin Vass Gona then.


How are his finances now.Its simply mind boggling.

1.Owns 7 helicopters and a company called Cosmos Avaiation Services at Dudley Senanayake Mawatha(Castle St.) Colombo 8. Owns the multi million rupee building at this address also. 2.)Owns the 100 roomed Luxury Ameythist Resort in Passikudah.

3)Owns a luxury 15 roomed luxury mansion at Horton Place Colombo 7 (with large swimming pool,jacuzzi and elevator facility .

4) Owns a 79 room resort in Maldives . 5) Owns a fleet of Benz,Jaguar,and other luxury vehicles.


That for you is Sachin Vass Gona THEN and NOW.


It's only a sample of ill gotten millions










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