Friday, October 2, 2009

Priest negative traits

St. Paul says that a good priest must be irreproachable. He should not be self-fish or arrogant neither should he be drunkard, violent or greedy for money but hospitable and loving towards the poor and even he always ready to dedicate his life for justice and the unity of church. Not only has that but St Paul further says that the priest must be stable, and holy and likely self-controlled. St Paul is insistent when he says that “the priest shouldn’t be a lover of money”, He says “if he falls in love with money it is worst than falling in love with a women” and it is the worst sin he can ever do in his life as a priest because In the first place the priestly ministry is a vocation to serve God and If a priest chose money over God then its inevitable for that minister to reject God in one way another...The high priest Christ himself says that a man cannot serve both God and wealth” This words of Christ addressed to the crowd was not particularly to the priests but what If a man chose to follow the footsteps of Christ yet live a life dedicated to the ac*****ulation of wealth, Will he not contradict the teaching of Christ in its fullest sense?

What do violence, unorthodoxy, eligibility, purity, etc. all mean? I'm guessing eligibility means that he's more likely to be lected pope, but I don't know any of the others.

If I say We Christians are people of miracles I don’t become deceitful and in fact we have heard so many miracles perform by Christ in the gospels I think the time has come for us to do the same miracles like Christ did the miracles of conversions of our own hearts Christ said If you have a faith small enough just like a mustard seed you can move the mountain and I think this is exactly the point we have to understand If we trust in God and his works the scandalous priests or the any others are nor great challenges Then the most important thin is To pray and ask the good Master to change those hearts of stones and to give us the hearts like him which feels the needs of others and which moves with compassion This would not be a miracle if we believe in him who knows the all the weakness and difficulties of his children most especially the priests who chose to be like him. Lets pray that the good Lord will listen to our prayer and give his ministers docile hearts and make them meek and humble like him.

Violence: more likely to launch a crusade or excommunicate a faction if he's Pope. I remember that I once got one of my cardinals elected who was very peaceful. I couldn't get him to launch a crusade and got him assassinated after trying for 10 turns. Violence also seems to have an effect on the success of trying heretics; but I'm not 100% sure as both a priest with the same violence/peaceful level shows the same chance of succeeding (even though my priests with higher violence seem to succeed more).

Unorthodoxy: your priest is more likely to resist being turned into a heretic, when trying a heretic, or killed, when trying a witch, if he has high orthodoxy. If he is unorthodox, then he has a higher chance of being either converted or killed. Higher unorthodoxy also means he is more likely to turn into a heretic on his own.

Eligibility: obviously he is more likely to be chosen as a preferati if he is more eligible, even if another priest has the same or slightly higher piety rating.

Purity: your priest is less likely to be corrupted, which incidentally is the anti-trait. I don't know the exact effect of this, as it seems to be another trait that has a hidden effect; but it seems that my priests survive heretic/witch trial failures more with this trait. I think it also helps to get your priest chosen as a cardinal over another priest with the same or slightly higher piety rating. I would like to think that a corrupt Pope is also easier to manipulate (throwing money at him), but that doesn't seem to be the case at all.

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