Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fwd: ACT NOW to stop this national tragedy!!!

Dear All,

As you know by now, a few hours ago, former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka was falsely arrested and dragged away forcibly by the same military that he served so faithfully for over 40 years.

The government has alleged that the General violated the military code of conduct during his tenure as the Army Commander.

The General was arrested by the military despite the fact that he is retired and is now a civilian. Therefore such an arrest, if at all, should have been conducted by the police. If the government alleges that military law still applies to General Fonseka, the law stipulates that he should be arrested by an officer holding a similar rank. This was not the case. Under the direction of the Secretary of Defense, the arrest was made by Major General Manawadu an officer two ranks his junior violating all military and civilian protocol.

The arresting officer insulted and dragged the General away when he questioned his arrest.

He has not been allowed a lawyer, due procedure of detention, or even a call to his family - as yet no one knows where he is detained or what is being done to him.

It has come to light that the administration has made elaborate plans to kill the General, their claim being that he was shot while resisting his captors.

Although we are unable to verify this fact, we believe that he is being held at the Navy camp in Rangala.

As a nation, we should be ashamed of our leaders and of ourselves.

For 30 years he fought on our behalf and risked his life for each and every one of us.

Be it under threat of prosecution or even death - he never faltered in his duty and never once disobeyed his honest conscience.

Now it is your duty to do what you can to save his life.

We at the media center of Sarath Fonseka, urge everyone to email us at sarathfonsekamedia@gmail.com with any information of his whereabouts.

Most importantly, we urge you to contact your politicians, religious leaders, media, civil society organizations and foreign embassies and make your voice heard to save the life of General Fonseka and democracy for our nation.

 SF Media Unit


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