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Fwd: Where is my father?-Aparna Fonseka

Dear All

Our nation must be under deep debt of gratitude to General Sarath Fonseka. Is this the way a nation should show its gratitude to a such a hero? The world came to know how ungrateful the Sinhala are. MG. Manawadu is guilty of sacrificing the lives of 117 soldiers for his wrong order. He was punished for that offense. He has been employed to arrest General. Karuna and Pilleian who are responsible for brutally killing 600 odd police officers and killing of 42 Buddhist priests at Arantalawa and for brutally killing a buss load of innocent civilians at Kithul Uthuwa are ministers in the Government and given a guard of 100 commando officers. What a shame?

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Subject: FW: Fw: Where is my father?-Aparna Fonseka

Subject: Where is my father?-Aparna Fonseka

Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 15:26:38 +0530

I am Aparna Fonseka, youngest daughter of General Sarath Fonseka of Sri
Lanka. Today, 8 February 2010, I decided to start this blog because of the
unfortunate and disgraceful incident that happened to my father. I am tired
of watching from the sidelines and reading what people have written without
being able to defend. However vile, destructive or poisonous the remarks
about him and my family have been, I've been listening silently. I've stayed
silent even after there was an assassination attempt on his life. I've been
silent when they accused my brother-in-law of being an arms dealer. I've
been silent when they surrounded our house and put us under arrest. But
today, my father was dragged away before his family and his life is in
danger again. I've decided that I cannot be a silent spectator any more.

My father dedicated forty years of his life to serving my motherland, Sri
Lanka. Unlike other politicians or top officials, he did not earn a single
penny other than respect from his countrymen. He rescued Sri Lanka from the
ruthless terrorists, the LTTE (Liberation of Tamil Tiger Eelam), who spread
fear and violence in the nation. Today, he was arrested without a warrant or
a valid reason at his office in a manner that even a criminal or enemy would
not be treated.

The person who came to the office to arrest my father was Major General
Sumith Manawadu who was the officer in charge of Mullaitivu during the Eelam
War IV and he was transferred to the Army headquarters in Colombo as
punishment for issuing wrong orders to the ground troops, which resulted in
the death of 117 soldiers in combat. According to what I've seen in
newspapers, The Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa knew of this rift and
used Major General Manawadu for several operations against my father. It was
Major General Manawadu who also played the role of Commanding Officer in
"Operation Trans Asia" who kept us under house arrest till the election
results were called off and spread false rumours saying we were keeping army
deserters. The only men who were with us on Election Day were my cousins,
some party leaders, few retired army officers and the men who were legally
appointed by the court for my father's protection. The state media published
news stating that the military that surrounded the hotel was for our own
protection. This coming from a government who wouldn't even assign enough
military personnel for my father's protection after he had resigned! Why
would they send five hundred for our protection on Election Day? It was
another story that the government cooked to silence sceptics and dampen
questions that were being raised. We had decided to go to a hotel because of
the threats we'd been getting from the government.

The state media is trying to label my father as a traitor to brainwash
civilians. The rural areas only hear the voice of the state media and if
some person raises their voice against the government in power, they will
lose their jobs and even their lives. As soon as the election was over, the
government seized my father's office, took most of the equipments, and with
no valid reason, arrested over 13 men who worked there. This was only the
beginning they had launched against my father. They fired 14 military
officers with the accusation that they were planning a military coup. There
is no evidence for any of these allegations but I am also aware that they
are capable of making false evidences after taking these people under
arrest. Democracy in Sri Lanka has screeched to a halt. As the president
said after the rigged election results were announced, "the law is equal to
every person who lives in the country but to the president."

On 2009, my father was known as the best army commander in the world. (Eg. ) Everyone wanted to know
his methods and tactics. They were impressed by how he ended terrorism which
had been going on for almost three consecutive decades. I can wholeheartedly
say that he is the most patriotic man I know and possibly the most patriotic
man who has ever lived in Sri Lanka. He sacrificed his life in the war not
once, but three times! Sri Lanka, what more do you want from him?

Only my mother, sister and I can understand the amount of work and thought
he put into the miraculous victory. There were countless days when I fell
into restless sleep not knowing whether he would arrive home from work
safely because of the many threats he had on his life. For weeks we wouldn't
see him because he had gone to join our brave soldiers at the war front.
After the suicide bombers attempt, I sat for two whole days in the emergency
room praying for a miracle to save my father's life.

Now, I am sitting here clueless begging people for information and for help.
I do not know where my father is, where they've taken him, what they've done
to him. Why are they attacking him? for trying to save our country from
corruption? Or because he is the only man with courage enough to stand up
against the corrupt government? Or is it because he was the only one who
understood the hardships of Sri Lankan civilians who live from one day to
the next? My father is a hero and this is how they show their gratitude? I
need my father back. This is an urgent and sincere request to help find him.


Aparna Fonseka
(Daughter of General Sarath Fonseka)
Posted by Aparna Fonseka at 8:34 P


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  1. What is most important at this moment is to build up the image of Gen.Fonseka which has been spoiled my the state media..His victory over the election campaign is a must..they wont release him until it is over..but his massages should be taken to the public in a more effective a ground level observer, i don't see any improvement in restoration of his previous campaign at the moment...remember.. Colombo seats won't alone do the work..The situation in Galle is very pathetic at the moment..the DNA candidates have already stated to fight among themselves for preferences..what should be done is that DNA must show it's uniqueness from others.Their candidate list can be used as a key weapon.Remember..theres only a little time left..and yet..DNA is far behind in the practical grounds.Take the advantage of SLFP's prefenance combat..their promise about lowering the cabinet to they will plough more non cabinet ministers..keep up the good brave..nothing is us if needed.