Monday, July 19, 2010


Dear All,


Sri Lanka's 15-million user mobile market is mainly shared between Malaysia's Dialog Axiata, Dubai's Etisalat, Sri Lanka's Mobitel ,Hong Kong's Hutchison and Indian Airtel.


"Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country". These famous words of Abraham Lincoln encapsulate a responsibility that you and I as individuals have towards our country.


Today, we may be small  but tomorrow our nation can and will be a great one. That responsibility however, lies with each one of us.


Though we are small today, we have a strong resolution towards propelling Sri Lanka towards greatness. In realizing this endeavor each one of us has an individual responsibility. Sri Lanka is not made up of just buildings, forests and trees, it constitutes you and I. All these years we have proudly said, "We are Sri Lankans!" – A collective thought. Today, we have to individually realize that I am Sri Lanka.

It is our actions that will define our world tomorrow. Will we choose to sit on the sidelines and simply watch? Or, will we take up our responsibility as citizens, and forge the future we dream of? Alone, as individuals our actions may seem small, but even the tiniest spark can start a fire. And when that spark is joined by a hundred more, it can burn bright enough to change a nation.
Technology has shrunk the world into one global village. Today a spark of an idea (technology) from Mobitel will be our bridge to the world, where our dreams become a reality. With this, when we extend our hands, we see a world reaching out to us. With these opportunities we have to make our small steps count for Sri Lanka
Because, you and I are responsible for Sri Lanka! Because when you hear your inner voice you will hear it say, "I am Sri Lanka!"



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