Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kurunegala Car Crash-EXCLUSIVE REPORT

I'm sure you all would have heard about motor car crash at the infamous Teliyagonna bend, down the Kurunegala - Kandy road a few days ago (June 23rd, 2011).

Mr. Namal [Namal Gamage - Old Trinitian / Paramount Café Proprietor - KURUNEGALA] had been driving at 200 Kmph around 0200hrs, while returning from a get-together at Lohan Ratwatte's place in Kandy. Apparently, the speedometer had been locked at the aforesaid speed.

His vehicle had bounced off the road at a hasty speed, while knocking down a high tension power line, then consequently had turned-turtle, just after crashing into a nearby house on the side of the road. The members of the house had had a narrow escape from the impact of the accident.

It was also learnt that two physicians (husband and wife) who had been traveling home, following work at the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital had also got injured from the accident, as the high tension power line had fallen on their vehicle, as they had stopped to witness Uncle Namal's incident.
The power line, although while damaging the rear of their vehicle, had prevented them from critical harm.

 Lion NAMAL GAMAGE and Webmaster Lion Dr. U Rajapakse joined the Parade of Nations in Sydney.

Injured physicians Car


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