Sunday, October 9, 2011

Upahara 3rd Year Anniversary - Mobitel Upahara users get 3 Houses


Dear All,

Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the launch of 'Upahara',  Mobitel will be rewarding Upahara customers by selecting three Mobitel Upahara users to offer three Houses each worth Rs.4 million. All Upahara connections that are active during the month of December will be allegeable for the draw.

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Upahara 3 year anniversary raffle draw

1.       What is the purpose of this raffle draw?

To reward the Upahara customers who are active in the network and to celebrate 3 year anniversary of Upahara.

2.       What is the Raffle draw period?

1st Dec 2011 to 30thDec 2011

3.       Who are eligible for the draw?

·         All Upahara customers who are active in the network from 1st Dec 2011 to 29th Dec 2011

·         Customer shall not have any outstanding balance as at 30thDec 2011

·         Customer has to be registered with Mobitel as per standard registration policy


4.       What are the prices?

3 houses worth Rs.4Mn each (Rs.12Mn for all 3 houses)

5.       When will raffle draw conducted?

30th Dec 2011

6.       When will the prices be awarded?

January 2011

7.       Can a customer be eligible for the draw if he/she was disconnected and reconnected in the past?

Yes. But the connection has to be active from 1st Dec 2011 to 29thDec 2011

8.       Are other postpaid customers eligible for this draw?

No. Only Upahara customers are eligible (with an Active STC connection)

This draw is to celebrate the 3 years anniversary of Upahara launch and reward the state sector employees. For the rest of the prepaid and postpaid subscribers currently running Double Bonanza draw will be applicable and also will be eligible for other loyalty based rewards schemes depending on tenure and bill value of the customers. These schemes are directly communicated to the customers.

9.       How many winning chances are there for each customer?

Only 1 winning chance per NIC

10.   What is the Inland Revenue draw certificate number for this draw?


11.   Can the customer request for cash instead of the house?

Yes, the customer has the option of requesting for the value of the house in cash which is Rs.4 million.

12.   Can we know the details of the houses awarded ?

It will be a 2 bed roomed house in 6 perch land each, located  in the suburbs of Colombo.


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