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ICC Decision’s on SLC

ICC Decision's on SLC

TUESDAY 09, OCTOBER 2012 12:24

The cricket governing body ICC has taken unanimous decision on the
future of Sri Lankan Cricket (SLC). The Chairman of the ICC, during
yesterday's press conference has acknowledge the fact that the Sri
Lankan cricket team has been extremely successful in reaching the
finals of the last 4 world cup (50over and T20) tournaments held since
2007. However, have been unsuccessful in wining the finals and
speculations in Colombo has pointed the finger at the countries
president, H.E. Mahinda Rajapakse for attending all of four of the
world cup finals. The team and the management (as well as all
citizens) believe that the president is an omen of bad luck for the
team. (and the country….). Rumors have surfaced, that the SLC day
before the final match has visited the temple trees has requested the
president to refrain from attending the event. However, the president
on the advice of his astrologers has attended the event with a view to
get a glimpse of the cheerleaders (hired by the ICC) present at the

As an appreciation for the performance of the Sri Lankan cricket team,
ICC has created a new award / ranking for the Sri Lankan team. SLC has
been ranked the best semi-finals team in world cricket, since no team
has been successful in beating Sri Lanka in the semi finals since
2007. In addition, ICC has informed that SLC will be automatically
qualified for the finals during the next world cup to be in held in
2015, which will be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand. All
cricket playing nations have respected the decision made by ICC,
except SLC. The Sri Lankan sports minister has called for an
investigation and a translated copy of the report, since he has not
understood most of the instructions on the report.
The decision made by ICC, will reduce the number of matches played
during the league level and the team which will qualify for the finals
will be declared as the winner. For formality sake, the captains of
the two teams will walk towards the middle of the ground for the toss.
Once completed, the world cup will be awarded to the other team
qualified to play against Sri Lankan and SLC will be given the runners
up cup. ICC is confident that the decision taken by them, will result
is saving time and money and as well as the number of suicides in Sri

Minister Wimal Weerawansa during a press conference held today, has
condemned the decision made by ICC and has requested all Sri Lankans
to boycott KFC and Pizza hut products. Mr.Weerawansa further added
that he will carry out an island wide protest against the ICC once he
returns from his personal visit to USA.
Mr. Duminda Silva via a conference call from Amsterdam Red light
district has also condemned the decision, however added that he cannot
remember the world cup finals.
Opposition leader Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe has blamed the Central
Bank, SL President, IMF, World Bank and the Blood Bank for losing the
finals and has urged the Sri Lankan public to vote for him at the next
presidential election and he will ensure that Sri Lanka will be
winners during world cup to be held in 2050. (He will be the
opposition leader even in 2050).

This is about the size of politics and the supporters like of any
party... Enjoy!!!

"Smile it's contagious!"

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