Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Don't smell the perfume at ATMs -Sri Lanka

Don't smell the perfume at ATMs - real important - read and save yourself

U can never be too careful - husbands also be careful when taking money out of ATMs....

This may not be happening in your town, you might not take it seriously  but  I've passed it on, you now all know about it. For
your personal safety.

Take this seriously, I (Sandamali) know someone who was approached last  week after taking Rs 5000 out of an ATM by some guy who  asked what perfume  she  was wearing. They asked her if she wanted to buy some Cheap imitation and  to  have a smell (she declined).

These guys hit Mount Lavinia 6 weeks ago and now they are doing it here in   Colombo .

I received this email and thought you may want to advise your  partners, daughters and friends this experience also
happened to one of my  daughters friends in a CIS recently......fortunately,
she had heard about  it  before & didn't fall for it.
I was approached yesterday afternoon around  3.30 pm at Wattala HSBC ATM by two males, asking what kind of perfume I  was  wearing.

Then they asked if I'd like to sample
some fabulous scent they  were  willing to sell me at a very reasonable rate.

I probably would have  agreed  had I not received an email some weeks ago, warning of a 'Wanna smell  this  neat perfume?' scam.

The men continued to stand between parked cars, I  guess to wait for someone else to hit on.

I stopped a lady going towards them, I pointed at them, and told her  about  how I was sent an email at work about someone walking up to you at the  malls, in parking lots, and asking you to sniff perfume that they are  selling at a cheap price.

ETHER! When you  sniff  it, you'll pass out and they'll take your wallet, your valuables, and  heaven knows what else.
If it were not for this email, I probably would have sniffed the "perfume", but thanks to the generosity of an emailing friend, I was spared whatever  might have happened to me, and wanted to do the same for you.


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